Old Style Listers still offers Lister Style Engines in the U.S.A. today. We can supply our customers with low cost India engines or provide our customers with clean American Built engines with many custom machining options that increase longevity, horse power and reduced fuel consumption. We also provide all our customers with access to every single engine part on our listeroidpower.com website.


Andree International was the first to introduce the Power Line brand engines in 2000. Generator Sales starting selling our Power Line brand engines just after our SunBelt Agricultural Show in 2005.


After 2005, Old Style Listers started building engines in the U.S.A. and started offering many advanced machining options under the name WCAEAPS (Willem C. Andree Engines and Power Systems).

Today, 2016, Anyone can own a Lister or Listeroid engine inside the U.S.A. that can be used to power Alternator's, Generator's, Water Pump's, AC to DC Alternator's for maintaining battery bank's and so on. Listeroid engine's are ideal for off-grid home owner's that want to be Free from power company's.

Why not build your very own Lister style engine from parts! We carry a complete line of parts at Listeroid Power.

OSL has been building Listeroid style engines since 2000 and we understand everyone's concern about the newer and newer EPA regulations. OSL is the only company dedicated to improving parts for Listeroid engines plus finding ways to improve the engines emissions. Any Lister or Listeroid engine can meet EPA requirements! We have the parts and information to keep them going!

We work hard to provide our customers with quality parts that will help your engine last longer. All OSL engines use advanced parts that are machined to fit into most Listeroid engine's from India. Our advanced OSL parts are becoming more and more available worldwide and it's all thanks to our loyal customers and supporters.

The 6 hp, 650 rpm single cylinder lister engine and 12 hp, 650 rpm double cylinder lister engines are beautifully reproduced with their 6 spoked flywheels but we only use special counter balanced crankshafts with roller bearings for a smoother and higher rpm performance.

We stock all parts for Fast Parts Replacement on any of our lister diesel engines if ever needed.  We also recommend the use of Synthetic oils and grease for all lister bio-diesel engines.


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