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Update April 11, 2015:

All new Gold Zinc Plated Listeroid Parts in stock.

Old Style Listers builds Lister Style Engines in the USA and sells them world wide.

Listeroid engines are made of steel and cast-iron. A single cylinder Listeroid engine will weight as much as 800 Lbs and the double cylinder Listeroid engines 1400 Lbs. 

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OSL has been improving and building Listeroid style engines since 2000 and we understand everyone's concern about the newer and newer EPA regulations. Any Lister or Listeroid engine can meet EPA requirements! We have the parts and the information you will need to keep these engines going!

We work hard to provide our customers with quality parts that will help your engine last longer. The 6 hp, 650 rpm single cylinder lister engine and 12 hp, 650 rpm double cylinder lister engines are beautifully reproduced with their 6 spoked flywheels.

We stock all parts for Fast Parts Replacement on any of our lister diesel engines if ever needed.  We also recommend the use of Synthetic oils and grease for all lister bio-diesel engines.


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