Old Style Listers is a very small business located in the U.S.A. that builds less than 50 engines per year and has been in business since 2000. Old Style Listers is the only Listeroid engine building business in the U.S. that cleans all castings by Glass Bead Blasting, then each part is inspected and painted before assembly. 

Any Listeroid engine can be made to last 100,000 hours and more just by installing high quality parts, heavy duty roller bearings and running it on clean filtered diesel fuel plus, use the correct oil inside the crankcase. Welcome to Old Style Listers where we build Slow Speed Lister style engines.

What makes these engines so popular?

1) Fuel Efficiency
A properly built Listeroid engine usually burns 50% less fuel then any other engine on the market today.

2) Very Slow Speed
Listeroid engines run at very low rpm's generally around 650 rpm. All modern day engines run 3,600 rpm's for power generation.

3) Virtually Indestructible
Because of it's enormous size (Single Cylinder 700 Lbs) all the parts are super, super sized and we take the time to build it right the first time and then use the correct oils and grease that insures each engine will preform for decades. We are not talking 1 or 2 years here, we mean 100 years plus.

4) Simple Maintenance
If and we mean if, something should fail, replacing a part or two only requires simple tools and the new replacement part or parts. The most common failure in a listeroid engine is when the operator forgets to check the oil level and runs the engine without oil or they used the wrong weight/type oil.

A properly maintained OSL Listeroid engine can last hundreds of years, it is 100% mechanical, no electricity and no EMP worries. If it has fuel, oil and water it will always run.

12:1 Blue and White-001

12:1 Blue and White-002

12:1 Blue and White-003

Old Style Listers Proudly Builds Listeroid engines in the U.S.A..
Let's keep Americans working in 2014!

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