Old Style Listers is a very small business located in the U.S.A. that builds less than 50 engines per year and has been in business since 2000. Old Style Listers is the only Listeroid engine building business in the U.S. that cleans all castings by Glass Bead Blasting, then each part is inspected and painted before assembly. 

Any Listeroid engine can be made to last 100,000 hours and more just by installing high quality parts, heavy duty roller bearings and running it on clean filtered diesel fuel plus, use the correct oil inside the crankcase. Welcome to Old Style Listers where we build Slow Speed Lister style engines.

What makes these engines so popular?

1) Fuel Efficiency
A properly built Listeroid engine usually burns 50% less fuel then any other engine on the market today.

2) Very Slow Speed
Listeroid engines run at very low rpm's generally around 650 rpm. All modern day engines run 3,600 rpm's for power generation.

3) Virtually Indestructible
Because of it's enormous size (Single Cylinder 700 Lbs) all the parts are super, super sized and we take the time to build it right the first time and then use the correct oils and grease that insures each engine will preform for decades. We are not talking 1 or 2 years here, we mean 100 years plus.

4) Simple Maintenance
If and we mean if, something should fail, replacing a part or two only requires simple tools and the new replacement part or parts. The most common failure in a listeroid engine is when the operator forgets to check the oil level and runs the engine without oil.

A properly maintained OSL Listeroid engine can last hundreds of years, it is 100% mechanical, no electricity and no EMP worries. If it has fuel, oil and water it will always run.

Old Style Listers Proudly Builds Listeroid engines in the U.S.A..
Let's keep Americans working in 2014!

WCAEAPS Crankshafts are now being installed
into all Old Style Listers engines.

WCAEAPS Double Cylinder Crankshaft 002

WCAEAPS Crankshaft Showing Counter Weight Bolts 003

9/16-18 Grade 8 Bolts are used to hold our massive counter weights.

WCAEAPS Crankshaft Showing KeyWay 001

These crankshafts are 100% custom made for WCAEAPS
All steel with induction 
hardened bearing facing.

All New parts just came in February 28, 2014

OSL New Parts for 2014

All New packaging makes shipping to our customers so much easier. Complete piston and cylinder liner kits, Complete Camshafts, Plain Cylinder Heads and Cylinder Blocks. Bosch Fuel Pumps and Injectors, Connecting Rods, 30311 Roller Bearings, Crankshafts and Crankshaft Kits, Bearing Housings and every part you need to Build or Restore any Lister or Listeroid engine.

Steel crankshaft Gears

Looking for All Steel Crankshaft Gears? We have them in stock when you need them.

Old Style Listers builds original Slow Speed Listeroid style engines inside the U.S.A. using the highest quality parts available from several different India suppliers plus we custom CNC machine many of our own parts right here in-house that allows our engines to operate in excess of 100,000 hours with very little maintenance.

Old Style Listers also provides every customer with Free lifetime warranty replacement parts if ever needed. If you experience a part failure with one of our engines simply return the engine, part or parts to Old Style Listers for inspection, repair and/or replacement, all you pay is the shipping costs, parts are always Free.

It's not always about that cool paint job but more about a working engine and system. Listeroid engines are 100% mechanical and are always ready too go (No EMP problems to worry about). When the Grid Fails you need a reliable working engine that will power your alternator at a moments notice.

A slow speed lister engine is ideal for power generation when coupled up to our custom generator head and you will have a system that will last decades 100, 200, 300 years and more, runs quietly, cleanly and operates on a very wide range of fuels including Hydrogen.

As we become more dependent on electricity, having a dependable engine for turning an Alternator/Generator is becoming a must have for survival. When the grid fails and you and your family are slowly freezing or starving to death you need a power system that will work. Our Lister style engines not only provide AC power but they will also provide Free engine heat that you use to heat your home Plus you also get Free heat from the exhaust that is used to heat clean fresh water for baths and showers as needed and the best part is it all comes from one fuel source from used motor oils, used veggie oils, kerosene, gasoline, propane, diesel fuel and Hydrogen.

2014 is our 14th year selling Listeroid engines from India, but now we build them inside the U.S.A. and we build them better than ever before with custom parts for longevity. We have come a long way from our very first engines sold in 2000 and so has our parts and increased engine life.

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