Yes, We build and sell Lister style engines!

The last time I edited this website was November 23, 2016. Everything on my website is upto date, plus I always answer and/or return phone calls as soon as I can, just as I have done since 2000.

Slow speed Lister engine's are ideal for home power. Easy to service and repair when needed. No electronics to fail ever. No Filters to worry about because there are none.

1) Lister engines with fuel injection pumps can operate on anything oily:

Gas and Oil, E85 and oil, 100 year oil diesel, very oil gasoline, kerosene, transmission oils, gear oils, engine oils new or used and so on.

2) Lister engines fitted with spark plugs can operate on all types of gasses:

Propane, natural gas, H2O, gasoline, wood gas and so on.


The number one question I receive is how much does a 6/1 engine cost? 

Our basic (stock) 700 lbs, single cylinder engine starts at $5,995.00 and our basic stock 1,300 lbs, double cylinder engine starts at $7,495.00. These are built in the U.S.A. by us from parts that are imported from India and cleaned by Mario. 

If you are looking to improve your engine with American CNC Machined parts we can change out the India parts for any of these CNC Machined parts: 

  1. Chevy mini electric starter system
  2. CNC Machine cylinder heads
  3. CNC Machine camshafts
  4. CNC Machined cylinder blocks
  5. CNC Machined pistons
  6. CNC Machined connecting rods
  7. CNC Machined crankshafts
  8. CNC Machined flywheels

Investing into a Lister engine, plus our custom Marathon alternator will increase the valve of your home and provide your family with:

  1. Electricity
  2. Hot domestic water for showers, dishes and etc.
  3. Comfortable heating for your entire home, office, garage and green house

1 engine and 1 alternator that is correctly installed and maintained will last forever with very little maintenance. 

Multi Fuel Capability:

Add any oil into your storage tank, add old diesel, old gas, E85, new diesel, new gas, 100 year oil oils, black nasty oils from cars and trucks, gear oils, kerosene, anything.

Mix it all up and pump it into your main fuel tank. Yummy!!! NO FUEL FILTERS TO BUY EVER…..

IMG 0708 (1)

Every single engine block must be grinded on, blasted, cleaned inside and out before painting. This hard work takes Mario many, many hours to complete.

IMG 0709

Once all the casted blocks are clean and painted, it's time to assemble the engine.

IMG 0662

Install the crankshaft with roller bearings first and adjust bearing preload. Make sure the crankshaft timing gear is aligned with the idler gear. Use O-rings on the bearing housings and shims to make these adjusts instead of paper gaskets or paper shims. 

Install the cylinder block, liner, connecting rod and piston next. Check piston height and adjust with paper shims as needed.

IMG 0759

IMG 0855

IMG 0856

All engine's built in the U.S.A..

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